First Post

I finally made a website. Now what?

Just like the pyramid builders, I am leaving a legacy for the world. Primarily, a documentation of my attempts to learn physics, music, and game development, I have already mastered advanced web design. Most likely I will not resist the urge to ramble on indefinitely about other subjects, this space will double as a blog of sorts.

I have some knowledge of physics, but not nearly enough. Additionally, I want to collect this knowledge into a coherent set of principles. I like semi-axiomatic/foundational approaches to subjects that are traditionally presented as matter-of-fact. An example of that is Landau’s “derivation” of the classical mechanics Lagrangian, I will definitely write a post about that sometime. And since this is theoretical physics, I will ramble on about philosophy as well.

Musically, I only play a little guitar. But what I want is to learn some music theory and some sound design. Music theory is interesting to me mainly because I feel like I can build music pieces with a creative application of rules. Think Bach, with a computer. I will attempt to learn the mathematical side of it and see where it takes me.

As for video games, this will probably be the steepest hill to climb since all I know about programming is 1+1=2. Or was it 1+1==2? We’ll see.

Hopefully this website will push me to do all that, and get past the desire for non-existent perfection.

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