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Sir Isaac Newton and Godot

Godot for physicists

Here I will keep a log of my notes trying to learn the Godot game engine. Some functions in the GDScript (the language of this engine) make more sense if we compare it to known physics equations. Also, it could be fun to relate in-game physics to real-world physics. Who knows, maybe even find a fun way to teach some concepts of physics through playing with the game engine.

This section will be a living document of my notes learning the engine. If you have comments or suggestions, contact me on 3ammo[at]

Godot Body2D node


In real life, we walk around. We bump into each other, we bump into footballs and we bump into light posts then fall and bump into the ground under the force of gravity. Typical human experience. We like to relive this experience in video games. The physics of these situations are then described by two things: Physical contact (collisions), Action at a distance (forces, spooky or otherwise). Collisions happen when objects come into contact. ...Continue reading.