Muselog #1 - Project Roam

- Muselog; project-roam

I recently acquired an audio interface so I can connect my guitar to the computer in a decent way. I also have a MIDI controller which I bought a while back but haven’t really used much. Finally, I can unleash my music on the world.

Or I can procrastinate. The secret to guiltless procrastination is to do it in the name of preparing. For example, if you wanna learn something, don’t actually learn it you silly person. Instead, learn about learning it. Watch YouTube videos about the gear you need, or read useless articles about the top 5 best resources to learn from. I’ve been doing this for quite a while.

This time, I decided to procrastinate in a more productive way. I need to learn a lot of things before I can actually make music. There’s the digital audio workstation, there’s the handling and use of MIDI, there’s mixing, mastering and producing music, and I wanna learn all that. So instead of getting busy writing music, I thought I’d focus on technical stuff for now. I wanna learn these things through a project: record and produce an existing song and try to make it as close to studio quality as possible.

So this is my project for now, to make a 'Tallica song entirety from home. The plan is to record guitars with my actual guitar and use the MIDI controller for the bass and drums. That would be a good project for learning.

I give it a week, then will probably abandon it. We’ll see.