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Update: Godot for Physicists


The Games Section is inagurated. There is a huge demand among physicists to learn the Godot game engine, and they finally have the definitive guide now.

Sir Isaac Newton and Godot

Godot Body2D node


In real life, we walk around. We bump into each other, we bump into footballs and we bump into light posts then fall and bump into the ground under the force of gravity. Typical human experience. We like to relive this experience in video games. The physics of these situations are then described by two things: Physical contact (collisions), Action at a distance (forces, spooky or otherwise). Collisions happen when objects come into contact. ...Continue reading.

The End of Physics


A perfect start for a physics blog. A few days ago, I came across this article by the director of the IAS, Robbert Dijkgraaf, in which he argues that fundamental physics is not only alive and well, but that it’s prospering. Throughout the article, I couldn’t help but feel that he made the case for exactly the opposite. Exaggerated or not, one hears the reports of late 19th century physicists declaring the completion of the fundamental laws of physics and that all that is left is to refine measurements to more decimal places (check this discussion on Stack Exchange). ...Continue reading.

First Post


I finally made a website. Now what? Just like the pyramid builders, I am leaving a legacy for the world. Primarily, a documentation of my attempts to learn physics, music, and game development, I have already mastered advanced web design. Most likely I will not resist the urge to ramble on indefinitely about other subjects, this space will double as a blog of sorts. I have some knowledge of physics, but not nearly enough. ...Continue reading.