Muselog #5 - Guitar Sound - 2

Staying motivated is hard.

I made a relatively acceptable sound of the rhythm guitars in Guitarix before, but I wanted to keep all the work inside of the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The DAW is where the recording and mixing is going to happen, so I wanted the guitar effects to be there as well. I’m glad that all the Guitarix effects are also available as plugins for DAWs. The one I’m using/trying to learn is Ardour.

The real reason why I would like the recording and the processing to happen in the DAW is that I can choose the effects for the guitar sound, play and record, but then the DAW separates the dry signal

from the effects that can be added to it, giving the processed or wet signal

So now I can record, and if I feel like the effects need to be tweaked, I can do that without having to redo the recording. Neat.

The plugins are in the following order:

  • GxMultiBandCompressor
  • GxTubeScreamer
  • GxAmplifier-X
  • GxGraphicEQ
  • GxMultiBandReverb

any plugin starting with Gx is made by the Guitarix team. There are other plugins, of course, but I will stick to those for now. The specific settings I chose for the Tube Screamer, Amplifier and EQ are in this screenshot (right-click and “open image in a new tab” to see it big) I left the compressor and the reverb on the default settings, they sounded alright. The bass is taken out from the amplifier plugin completely, I think the high “presence” and “cabinet” are more than enough to make up for it, at least on the speakers/headphones I’m testing this on.

I should start recording sometime this decade.