Muselog #5 - Guitar Sound - 2

Staying motivated is hard. I made a relatively acceptable sound of the rhythm guitars in Guitarix before, but I wanted to keep all the work inside of the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The DAW is where the recording and mixing is going to happen, so I wanted the guitar effects to be there as well. I’m glad that all the Guitarix effects are also available as plugins for DAWs. The one I’m using/trying to learn is Ardour. ...Continue reading.

Muselog #4 - Guitar Sound - 1

I started working on the sound of the rhythm guitars in Wherever I May Roam using Guitarix (a free and open-source virtual amplifier). Here’s what I got for now (put on some headphones and watch out for the volume) Your browser does not support the audio element. Now let’s see how I got that sound. The big picture Watch this from 12:13s to 12:56s (already set) Left, right and the “thickener”. ...Continue reading.

Muselog #3 - Linux audio

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Recording and processing music on a computer in real time require some preparation. This is a Linux specific post, I haven’t done this on Windows. Probably the easiest way is to just install a Linux distribution that is prepared for audio production, like KXStudio, AV Linux, Ubuntu Studio or others. I have only tried Ubuntu Studio. That said, any Linux distribution can be set up for audio production, I installed Manjaro (Linux distro) on my old(er) potato and will use it for the music things. ...Continue reading.

Muselog #2 - Gear

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I wanna recreate the song Wherever I May Roam by Metallica at home from scratch. Well, maybe not from scratch, I do have a few things: Guitar I have a used Epiphone SG G-400 that I got for a good price. The previous owner put a Seymour Duncan bridge pickup, so that’s good. The bad is that some strings make a choked buzz kinda sound on some frets. I suspect that the truss rod needs some adjustment. ...Continue reading.

Muselog #1 - Project Roam

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I recently acquired an audio interface so I can connect my guitar to the computer in a decent way. I also have a MIDI controller which I bought a while back but haven’t really used much. Finally, I can unleash my music on the world. Or I can procrastinate. The secret to guiltless procrastination is to do it in the name of preparing. For example, if you wanna learn something, don’t actually learn it you silly person. ...Continue reading.